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I handmake all of the jewelry available for sale on Datura Deadly. I am a self taught mixed media jewelry artist who favors working with polymer clay and resin. I am heavily inspired by nature and the dark aspects of life. Goth,boho,gypsy,rock, the styles of my creations are varied just like the facets of my personality.

My art journey began with a Scrabble pendant. I had just discovered that this was a thing, and I couldn't wait to own one.  I was not able to find one that fit my personality. There were lots of creative versions, just none that spoke to me. I remembered that I had an old game in my garage, bought a bit of Epoxy resin and set to work. Very pleased with my results, I had the idea that perhaps other people would be interested in what I had to offer, and I posted a pendant for sale on Ebay. It sold. I posted a set of Scrabble barrettes, which also sold. I felt I might be on to something. Previously I had never even conceived of the idea of making earnings from items I had made and now it seemed like a real possiblity.

I passionately pursued building a business around my handmade polymer clay jewelry and crafts. This was more than just a hobby for me because it's success would mean a new level of independence and mental health for me. I am a person who lives with an Anxitey Disorder, PMDD,SAD(Seasonal Affective Disorder) and a mild case of agoraphobia. I know right?!? How many issues can one person possiblity have :P As you can imagine it can be quite difficult maintaining employment outside of the home while juggling my mental well being. Datura Deadly allows me to remain financially independant while offering me a creative outlet that is quite fulfilling.

Making handmade jewelry nourishes my soul long past the studio. When I hear from customers how much they enjoy their wearable art, it induces the warm and fuzzies :) It makes me feel amazing to know I have brought a positive influence into their lives.

I appreciate your time and Thank you for Stopping By-  Datura Deadly